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Morihei Ueshiba

1. Do I need insurance to practice?

Yes. For your safety and that of your fellow students, you can only practice if you have martial arts insurance. This can be obtained free on joining the Aikido for Daily Life Association. Payment for membership to the association is obligatory after your third lesson.

2. What do I wear?

If you've done a martial art before then feel free to wear your existing suit, we only ask that you use a white belt if possible, if you've never done a martial art then wear something loose fitting. Bring flip flops, slippers or japanese zori, so you can take your shoes and socks off and walk to the mat without picking up the dirt from the floor on your feet and then depositing it on the mat.

Ensure you turn up clean and “sweet smelling” (apart from children, it is recommended to wear deodorant). Remember rule 4: put yourself in your partner's place i.e. would you like to practice with someone who has stinky feet or who honks like a pole cat?

3. Can I come and watch?

Of course! Please feel free to come along on any class and watch, ask questions, or better still, have a go!

4. Do I need to be physically fit before I join?

No, not at all, Aikido is suited to all body types and all ages.

5. How much does it cost?


6. Do you observe any particular rules or etiquette in Aikido?

Yes. Don't worry there's not too much to remember and you can download our fact sheet on Dojo Etiquette by clicking here.

7. I have a physical disability, can I still do Aikido?

Yes. The practice of Aikido shouldn't be a problem to anyone - we can usually work with you to ensure we all have a safe practice with each other.

8. How old do I need to be?



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