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Sensei Piers Cooke

Sensei Piers Cooke, 7th Dan

I started practicing Aikido under Sensei Williams of the Ki Federation of Great Britain associated to the Ki No Kenyukai in May 1982. The reason for starting Aikido was to replace rugby in my life, plus of course after watching Bruce Lee as a 10 year old boy I always dreamt of having a black belt.

Grading Officer
Started Aikido
Feb 1982
Yellow belt
Sensei Williams
4th kyu (orange)
Sensei Williams
3rd kyu (green)
Sensei Williams
2nd kyu (blue)
Sensei Williams
1st kyu (brown)
Sensei Williams
1st dan
Sensei Williams
2nd dan
Sensei Williams
3rd dan
Sensei Williams
4th dan
Sensei Williams
Sept 1994
5th dan
Sensei Williams
Dec 1999
6th dan
Sensei Maruyama
Oct 2004
7th dan
Sensei Maruyama
Jul 2011
BAB Finance Officer
Nov 2000 to date
BAB Coach Level 1
BAB Association Coach Tutor
BAB Coach Level 2

Aikido is a very personal journey as I said above the initial reason for starting aikido was to replace a major sporting activity in my life, rugby. What has surprised me is that after nearly 30 years of year of practice I still enjoy it as much as ever.

I have been very lucky to have been taught by some really great practitioners of the art, Ken Williams, Paul McKechan, Denis Burke, Sensei Maruyama, Sensei Michael Williams and more recently Sensei Yoshigasaki and Obata Sensei in Toronto, to name but a few.

Many teachers want you to copy them exactly, there is a correct way and an incorrect way. However since I left the tutelage of Ken Williams and discovered that there many many different styles of aikido, some gentle, some hard, some competitive some not; there is no correct way. There is only the way that works for you.
That’s why I love our association name. Aikido for Daily Life. That’s what aikido, for me, is all about. It provides a structure and ground rules that just help you to get on in life, in all its facets.

In my opinion it is no better than yoga, pilates, religion, philosophy, etc whatever you study that helps you get through life in a happy and contented manner, is just great. Aikido just does it for me.

Why do I like it. Well I love the fact in some areas I get better as I get older, I love the freedom of being thrown through the air and landing safely, I love the physical contact, I love the mental agility, I like the confidence it gives me, I like the camaraderie, world wide, I like that I can still practice at 54 plus and my oldest student is 75, I like the fact that I still feel like a beginner and that one day I might crack it.


Sensei Piers Cooke
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